How We Got Started

    Having been an avid gamer for several decades, I realized that there is no shop that caters to World War Two games. This era is extremely popular with not only wargamers but also with boardgamers and even collectors. We created a Facebook page to showcase new items and articles related to WW II, please check it out.

    I wanted to open a store for years and after finishing college as an adult student, with a degree in History, I decided the time was right. So here we are. Please continue to return as we will continually be expanding our selection. Initially, our focus is on Bolt Action - 28mm - miniature wargaming. Flames of War - 15mm -wargaming is also covered. These two systems seem to be the most easily accessible to new gamers and their ranges cover most everything an old warhorse or collector could want.

    Eventually, we will also offer model kits related to the era. These kits can be used for gaming or just collecting. Hobby supplies will also be added.

    Finally, don't forget our Distractions category. Anything that is related to this era or wargaming in general may appear. Old, hard to find items will also fill this category. Collectibles of all kinds from Action Figures to Fantasy/SciFi games will also be located there.

    Thank you for taking your time to check us out. Best!